Groundwork Case Study

Birmingham Groundwork Specialists

Piercy Groundworks Ltd, a professional and experienced groundwork and civil engineering specialist. We are available for construction projects in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and the rest of the West Midlands.

We are able to tender for groundwork jobs of all sizes and requirements to a very good standard. For an initial discussion with us about your plans, for a quote or a site visit CONTACT US.

Groundwork Birmingham

Our company have expertise and lots of experience in all of the following aspects of groundwork and civil engineering.

  • Groundwork.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Bulk excavations.
  • Installation of services including water, drainage and electricity supply.
  • Foundations for new build projects, we have laid 100s if not 1000s of foundations. If you require a foundation building for any type of construction project we can help.
  • Highways and Main Drainage
  • Underpinning.
  • Basement Construction.
  • Construction of Anaerobic Digestion Plants.
  • Construction works for solar farms.


As a company have decades of experience in all aspects of Groundwork and civil engineering. We take pride in that all our staff and subcontractors are fully qualified to carry out all works to the company’s expected high standards. Naturally, we are fully insured with employer’s liability and public liability insurance.

We have ever-improving health and safety policy as we value our staff, partners and customers. For each project, we carry out a thorough risk assessment, (unless provided by the main site contractor) to enable safe completion of the required work.

Recent Work

  • Foundations for a new build housing estate in the West Midlands.
  • Foundations for various home extensions for private clients.
  • Installation/repair of storm and foul water drainage on residential and commercial sites.
  • Tarmac for both footpaths and roads on new housing development.
  • Installation of services for major construction projects.